Frozen Elsa Snow Queen Outfit Disney Coronation Dress Cosplay Costume-Deluxe Version

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Frozen Elsa Snow Queen Outfit Disney Coronation Dress Deluxe Cosplay Costume - EFR0010

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Package Includes: 【Robe】【Top】【Tube top】【Skirt】【Gloves】

This could be the greatest creation we’ve ever poured our hearts into. To put our cosplay talents to the test and attempt to surpass our limitations. We present our most exquisite costume to date:

Elsa’s coronation gown, modeled by Sophie Shaw

A porcelain beauty from Sophie, her dainty demeanor brings out the best in Elsa’s regality. If you would like to know more about her, follow the links below: 

We love Frozen, we love Elsa and it’s this fervent passion of the EZCosplay team, that no matter the odds of the challenge, we must present the magnificence of Elsa’s coronation gown!

More than just preserving the fundamental design of Elsa’s attire, EZCosplay’s foremost concern is in comfortable wear. So, during material selection, EZCosplay finally made the decision to use Korean satin with premium velvet for the bodice, skirt and cape as the main fabric. The satin runs smooth along the fingers, will fit your contours perfectly, and is even wrinkle-resistant! No time wasted ironing out the crinkles.

Part of the bodice’s details is specially customized by us. From the verdant velvet of the torso with metallic trims, along with the pressed flower design on the chest, you can really notice our efforts in the immaculate embroidery!

The black undershirt is made from spandex fiber, and the turquoise and violet water droplets are are plastiol prints. This goes for the skirt as well. The long hours needed to achieve this workmanship are worth the time for the desired effect.

EZCosplay always considers the convenience and ease of use for you guys: we’ve designed an adjustable band behind without compromising the original design!

Next up, we’d like to present the special and most important feature: the cape!

The cape’s prints are especially crafted with laser powder (after much tedious scouring by our team!), where it was reworked 6 times. This gives the prints a solid embossed look for a quality texture. They also don’t stick, so you won’t have to worry about the prints falling out or your cape getting in a tussle. And because EZCosplay uses imported plastisol, the lovely prints will always look good as new!

Our unique brooch is EZCosplay’s exclusive queen brooch! That’s right, exclusively made by us! Comprising a colored-gold base framed in 14 replica diamonds, with an azure blue gem of Taiwanese acrylic set in the center, this piece makes for a soft yet radiant highlight of this fixture. 

Finally, the gloves that dispel magic! Also made from spandex fabric to fit all sizes, the exquisite prints are made from complex laser burn cutting. Due to the material’s elasticity, embroidery is more difficult than usual; with up to 10% more material loss. The good thing is the cutting method doesn’t make your hands look all bloated, ensures smooth curvature of the lines, and helps keep the magic sealed!

Queen’s Crown –Made from high density resin mold + Taiwanese acrylic. Click here for more details:

Hard lines, sharp edges, and a cool turquoise gem that signify the meticulous demeanor of the Queen. Click here for more details:


We have sold hundreds of Elsa dress within such a short time. Thank you all for your great support! We would love to share with you all our gorgeous customers' photos, all of you are beautiful.

Thanks for your support again! Love you all!

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Please note that although the final product will be manufactured to be as close to the anime version of the costume as possible, there may be small disparities between the two. The final product you receive will match the real world product photo that you see on the product page.

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