Free! Dive to the Future

Free! is a Japanese anime television series directed by Hiroko Utsumi and produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do. The anime is a sequel to the light novel, High Speed! (Japanese: ハイ☆スピード! Hepburn: Hai Supīdo!), written by Kōji Ōji, which received an honorable mention in the second Kyoto Animation Award contest in 2011 and was published in July 2013. The first season, titled Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club for international distribution, aired in Japan in 2013; and the second season, titled Free! - Eternal Summer, aired in 2014. An animated film adapting the second volume of the original novel, High Speed! - Free! Starting Days, was released in December 2015. A film trilogy was released in 2017 with the first two films being compilations of both seasons of the anime series titled Free! Timeless Medley - Kizuna (Bonds) and Free! Timeless Medley - Yakusoku (Promise). The third film in the trilogy titled Free! Take Your Marks! featured a new story. A third season of the anime series titled Free! - Dive to the Future is scheduled to premiere on July 11, 2018.